Industrial Projects

Productivity, efficiency and safety are key elements in any industrial and/or manufacturing facility. IBC's professionals recognize this and will work hand-in-hand with you and your designers to develop a design that meets this criteria while remaining in line with your costs and schedule goals to bring you online as soon as possible. We utilize the design assist approach to ensure the proper equipment layout and power requirements to create a productive and well-organized environment for you and your employees.

IBC's Project Manager will guide and educate you through the process. We will walk you through each phase of your project so you can visualize your space as it comes together. You can walk through the space to see the location of power and switch locations before conduit is run for equipment, allowing adjustments that have no cost or schedule impact.

I would like to commend IBS for the effort put forth on the lecture hall remodel. This was not a simple project and required a lot of flexibility, patience and a maximum effort in order to finish within the time restraints we were working under. IBC's never quit attitude and positive approach to getting the job done brought the project in on time and on budget. Thanks for a job well done!

George Clark, Arizona State University