Arnett & Arnett

This law office TI utilized clean, architectural designs to provide a masculine, but inviting atmosphere. IBC modified the plans slightly to maximize storage with the addition of built in cabinets for all incoming/outgoing mail and receptionist stock. Features include a floating soffit made out of wood laminate and aluminum rails, and glass door with an electromagnetic lock that separates and secures the lobby from the office area. The conference room has a large table with what appears to have a 4-inch solid granite top, but was made possible by mitering the edges to continue that grain flow of the stone around the edges. The wall separating the lobby from the conference room is floor to ceiling glass and was sealed to soundproof the conference room.

Owner: Mark Arnett

Tenant: Arnett & Arnett

Architect: iDesigns 

Square Feet: 1,800

Location: Chandler, AZ


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