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Banner Heath Urgent Care

This project consisted of an interior architectural demo of the previous Pet Club space to create a 3000SF Urgent Care Facility consisting of 6 new exam rooms, Lab, shielded X-ray room, Break Room and secured IT and Drug Storage Rooms. A new 6” underground fire line was brought to the building from a tap under the property entryway at 42nd St. to support a new fire sprinkler system for the space and a new Fire Alarm system with smoke detection was added as well. The new rooftop mechanical equipment was relocated to avoid the need for an equipment screen wall saving the owner money and the project time from having to rework the roof structure for the added weight and wind loads. The space has passed its state licensure process and is open for business seeing patients daily.

Owner: Banner Health

Architect: Archsol

Square Feet: 2,984 SF

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

A special thanks to our IBC team – Jim and Colin.  You have navigated through this project and made the impacts that we have seen on lead times, subs availability and so forth minimal for us and had solutions for challenges faced.  Great job to you guys!!


- Rachel Wilson

Banner Health - Project Manager

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