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Banner Central Refill / Mail Order


This renovation, which occurred within an existing 208,250 SF building, houses new machinery and robotics for automated drug filling equipment. This space allows for a centralized source and point of distribution for prescription refills within the Banner Health system. A full structural mezzanine above the first level holds bulk product storage, complete with vertical hoist and a stairway for conveyance of both product and staff.

Utilizing ICRA protocols, IBC partitioned the area for infection control. Joist footings were excavated and additional concrete was pumped in through the existing building into the work space filling the footings for the steel joists. A new plumbing system was tied into the space to accommodate an employee rest room. Banner building standards for mechanical systems and finishes were applied throughout.

Owner: Banner Health

Tenant: Banner Health

Architect: Abbott & Taylor

Square Feet: 4,000

Location: Chandler, Arizona

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