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Dickens Quality Demolition

DQD is a unique mixture of projects and features: tenant improvement, a lot-encompassing security wall, and massive, mechanized, rolling 20' access gates. The interior of the building is quite distinctive. Only non-traditional finishes were used, leading to an extremely custom look. A simulated wrecking ball protrudes from the lobby ceiling, and heavy gauge rebar and l beams were incorporated into the reception area. The ground concrete floors showcase the existing aggregate while simultaneously providing a durable and polished finish. Outdoors, the equipment yard required extensive grading in order to properly distribute rain run-off. The 9' block security wall enclosing the yard allows access via three large, side-rolling gates, which can be easily operated by remote, keypad, or sensors mounted underneath authorized vehicles. In order to support the weight of these over sized gates, the electric motor powering them is anchored to a 4'x4'x5' solid concrete footer.

Owner: Dickens Quality Demolition

Architect: Krause Interiors

Square Feet: 10,454

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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