HonorHealth JCL Hyperbaric Chamber

IBC specializes in Technical Builds. Those involving highly specialized equipment and systems. This project involved the renovation of approx. 1,000 SF of an existing interior space within HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center Cowden Center. Two new Monoplace 4100H Hyperbaric Chambers were installed under very tight space constraints, with the ability to add a third in the future. IBC also constructed a new bulk-oxygen storage enclosure and concrete oxygen pipe trench from the yard to the building.


Owner: HonorHealth JCL-Cowden

Architect: HMC Architects

Location: Phoenix, AZ

"Kudos to the entire team. We are very blessed with a highly collaborative team and for that I am very grateful! Rick, thank you for your clam demeanor and get it done attitude. We had some curve balls in the last couple of weeks, but thank you to all for no knee-jerk reactions. Let's get this one across the goal line this next week for CoP AFP finals and submission to ADHS. I appreciate you all!"

- Michael Lenz, Senior Project Manager