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This project was a build out of a grey shell structure which housed the Concentrated Photovoltaic (CVP) firm, SolFocus. The facility manufactured solar mirrors which required the installation of a complex Mechanical/ Plumbing/ Electrical (MPE) system throughout the building. IBC installed nine (9) high-powered furnace units which also required large, overhead exhaust hoods and related duct work to expel the intense heat generated by these furnaces. The plumbing system also involved an intricate piping system for a series of water jets which were used to cut and shape the CVP mirrors.

The extensive electrical system required a bus bar which ran both high voltage and low voltage power to the manufacturing equipment. IBC also built an explosion-proof battery and chemical enclosure within the facility. Other improvements included an upgraded service entrance to the building, as well was administrative space.

Owner: SolFocus

Architect: Archicon, LLC

Square Feet: 20,067

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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