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Sun City Fire Station 131

This was a fire station renovation taking place while the station was 100% operational. During the demo we noticed the existing roof trusses were starting to bow, close to failure. IBC was able to track down the original truss company and get a repair design approved and installed to save the client from having to tear the roof completely off the structure and set new trusses. There were other massive footing and beams that had to be installed around holes and shoring towers. We received our first taste of the Phoenix Fire Dispatch System and how it all works together and the intense cabling infrastructure. Then there were the vehicle-operated exhaust systems that fired up when the firetrucks were started and followed them out of the app bays and disengaged just as they cleared the bays.

Owner: Sun City Fire District

Tenant: Sun City Fire Station 131

Architect: Perlman Architects of Arizona

Square Feet: 14,000

Location: Sun City, AZ

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