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Sun City West Fire Station 102

This was a second generation tenant improvement of a functioning fire station. Much like Sun City West Fire Station 101, the largest obstacle was to complete the improvements around an fully operational fire station. The firefighters and dispatch system were decamped to temporary on-site quarters for the duration of the project. The bunk rooms were demolished, and an entirely new living area was built in its place. The kitchen and office space were gutted and converted into an exercise facility, turn-out room, and small public lobby. A third apparatus bay was added to the building, and the existing two were given face lifts to match them to the new addition. An enormous dry well and retention area were also part of the project. This station received ground and polished concrete flooring and stainless steel kitchen appliances, as well as an upgraded dispatch system that meets all of the current standards of the Phoenix Fire Department.

Owner: Fire District of Sun City West

Tenant: Sun City West Fire Station 102

Architect: Perlman Architects of Arizona

Square Feet: 10,467

Location: Sun City West, AZ

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